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Landing page
for legal services
My Russian Client
Project goals
Competitor analysis
Lead time
The client company provides services for the liquidation of legal entities. There is a high level of competition in this area. The client's tariffs and conditions do not set it apart from dozens of other legal companies. Therefore he decided to bet on design.
Competitors' websites are made in a classic style without bold solutions. It is generally believed that for credibility and reliability, the design of legal services should not be uncommon. As a result, after viewing a dozen such websites, they merge in the mind of the visitor into one similar mass. The following are examples of what competitors' websites look like.
Create a landing page with
a custom design. Be different from the competition.
One week
Graphics Editor
Graphics Editor
Work without a time tracker at a fixed cost.
Many websites also have problems with adaptability and excessive text. I took all of this into account when creating the new landing page.
The client already had a logo and branding. I needed to reflect them in the design of the landing page.
Brand identity
The design was asking for itself.
Soviet Constructivism, of course!
Soviet Constructivism is one of the avant-garde movements. This style is characterized by austere, geometric, laconic forms and monolithic appearance. It also evokes a number of historical associations and emotions that will be to the benefit of all.
The audience of the landing page is Russian. Historically they have confidence in the Soviets. Soviet is something reliable, honest, made on conscience.
This style is memorable and rarely used. A landing page in this design is unique among competitors.
Audience Trust
Catchy Design
This style is perfect for the Lickmachine’s landing page
Combine harvesters clean up a field of company names.
"Manager, liquidate competently!"
The company's advantages over its competitors.
"Choose a convenient tariff, count the benefits!"
Tariffs, description of services and prices.
"Don't wait, leave the request!"
The form collects contacts to e-mail, Telegram, Excel spreadsheet and CMS Tilda.
Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika are connected to the webpage.
The landing page complies with GDPR regulations.
Adapting to all devices